Dave Eatman / Press

"Eatman serves up some percolating, old-school bar funk that's ripe for some DJ to sample to death. It's dry and full of space, and none of the musicians seem eager to step on the groove. Eatman himself takes some restrained, wah filtered solos that are marvels of driving economy." - Michael Molenda

Michael Molenda - Guitar Player magazine

“Michael Deeb, guitarist/vocalist, Heywire: Automatic Chi represents some of the most skillful and honest talent in the Charlotte area, and I always make it a point to try and catch their shows. Although I am not the biggest jazz/fusion fan in the world, these guys are making smart, enjoyable music. Dustin Hofsess and Dave Eatman make an incredible guitar compliment, and Adam Snow is by far one of the best drummers in the area. Matt Pike holds down the bottom end while Dave Palmer solidifies the ensemble with his amazing work on the keys. Go see Automatic Chi, or any one of the many projects that the members of this Charlotte "super group" participate in; you will be thoroughly impressed.”

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