Dave DeMarco Band / Press

“I was thrilled that Vince Anderson and I finally got out to see The Dave DeMarco Band. As you may already know, The Dave DeMarco Band features Dave DeMarco (bass, vocals), Sam White (guitar, vocals), and John Davis (drums). Their energy level was as exciting as some bands with a full concert PA system! Of course, most of that energy was due to the material they present. Despite being a 3-piece band, DDM undertook the challenge of covering tunes from larger bands. Just one example was the Chicago tune "25 or 6 to 4". Sam did the intricate horn parts on guitar, amazing. And as expected they excelled at power group stuff, like the Rush song "Tom Sawyer", they had everyone applauding and cheering – And I would also like to give kudos to the impeccable drumming of John Davis that allows Dave and Sam to 'step-out' Unfortunately, Vince and I couldn't stay to properly chat with the band during the break, but Dave's pedal board is very intimidating and high-tech.”