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“Dave Darque (Don't Do It) Reviewed by DaveRave on (Sunday, January 31, 2010) Rated 10 / 10 Category Rating Track Structure 10 Interest 10 Melody 10 Performance 10 Lyrics 10 Enjoyment 10 Recording Quality 10 Commercial Appeal 10 Overall 10 Blimey - being a dork I am in the dark about Dave Darque but boy, am I glad he's joined this great site, Top marks? Of course. A superb song in every aspects especially as Don't Do It conjures up (for me, anyway) the good old days of the 80s. The track reminded me of the style of Sailor (remember them? One Drink Too Many etc). Nice pace, great backing and Dave has a good set of tonsils too whch suits the music to a T. Good lyrics AND I am sure this top tune would easily get aired on radio. An all-round 'good job'. ”