Dave Christian / Press

“Dave Christian has spent his time and paid his dues. From his days in Finally Balanced, Dave has participated in the creation of folky, funky, intelligent, rocking, grungy acoustic art rock. Christian has gathered some fine musicianship within The First. Helping on lyrics and vocalizations are Austin Johnny M. The sounds are earthy and filled with angst and imagery and are accentuated by Buddy Cage's pedal steel and Dave's impassioned sax. Opening with "Intuition", warm acoustic guitar shouts inevitability before breaking out with the realization that life requires work. "Acquaintance" raps with intensity and the rolling rhythms of questions. Keeping the funky string band attitude through into the inner tracks, Christian demonstrates a keen eye for human issues and song construction. Tight riffs, dynamics and dense instrumentation makes each listen a voyage of discovery. Echoes of. The first and definitely not the only. Doc Blues approves.”