““On the CD 'Just the Two of Us',recorded in 2016 along with vocalist Joe Mancuso::Joe Mancuso and guitarist Dave Black both have established themselves as major talents. On this duo recording, they strip tunes that span the Great American Songbook,, Rock, R&B, Blues and Reggae down to the basics, recreating them convincingly in their own inimitable way.”

“On the CD 'Just the Two of Us',recorded in 2016 along with vocalist Joe Mancuso: Dave Black is the perfect accompanist for him for the guitarist provides basslines on the medium-tempo tunes and sophisticated chords. Very much an orchestra by himself, Black is also a fine soloist who makes the absence of a bass and drums practically unnoticeable.”

“Solo guitar that sounds like a tight, swinging, self contained ensemble. Dave Black makes his guitar sound like a tight, swinging, self-contained ensemble on this mostly solo set of jazz standards and pop tunes. He pulls a rich, full tone out of both nylon and steel string guitars.”

“Alone & Together is impeccably recorded, mixed and mastered. If you can only buy a few albums this year, this is one you should definately check out! Just Jazz Guitar”

“Cool, classic and sophisticated I never tire of this CD ("Alone & Together"). The guitar work is suberb.”

“I stumbled across Mr. Black at the St. Louis Art Show in September and was duly inpressed! I promptly went out and got the CD. His jazz is smooth, his fingerings are subtle and slick, and the rhythms are funky.”

“Black and his glowing, wide-neck acoustic can transform a pop standard or a Broadway dity into a monodic fireworks.”