dave berry / Press

“Judges’ picks best of Reno 2009 songwriter competition 1. “Anyway,” David Berry This song is about waiting for a sunrise that never comes. With chiming and haunting Dobro playing and a few touches of electric guitar, it creates a definite mood: an eerie, alone- in-the-desert-at-nighttime feeling. The narrator is weary, ready for the night to be over, but the sun refuses to rise, so he finally concludes, “I don’t need no sunlight anyway.” “It’s that feeling of, I don’t know what else the hell to do,” says Berry. “This is all I do, this is all I can do, and so regardless—anyway. I do it anyway.” Of the dark, trance-like feeling created by the song, Berry says, “I’ve never done heroin, but if I did, I assume that’s the state of mind it’d put me in.” ”