Isha Mar'ie (Da Troopa) / Press

“DA TROOPA: 'I have always been an artist! As a child growing up in Philadelphia, I was surrounded by history and found myself ''spellbound'' in a sense by people who found music to be more than just entertainment but more so an art of expression. I've studied the art for as long as I can remember,I further proceeded with following my interest by participating in local showcases,writing for a few Inde artist and dropping 2 crazy hot mixtapes back to back working on my third....... Growing up in the hood wasn't easy considering the murder statistics and drug trafficking in my area but unlike most who fall subject to the madness,I found the one thing that kept me grounded,music! ”

Da Troopa - Rise up above

“I ain't heard a chick spit like you in a long time and I'm a hip-hop head, your original,beautiful and you got skill I pray you make it to where you belong...ON TOP”

Street Heataz - Your gone make it

“Please come to my Town , I'm from Chi-town and you deff da shyt ma...we need ya out here!”

Hard body - We need more chicks like you in da game

“Niki Minaj ain't messing wit you ma, and I'm from NEW YORK but I'm real her character is getting played out ,I feel like she's a horrible influence to these young ladies .......Anyways you gone make it.....I'm praying for you and you sexy as hell you got everything it takes....keep grinding! PEACE”

Roc DEZEL - You da shyt

“OMG.....when you talk about talent it's only right you mention DA TROOPA, she's such a musical inspiration! When I listen to her music I feel like I can do anything,I feel like she's the best friend I never had like she understands how I feel and she won't ever look down on or judge me. So to you 'DA TROOPA', I say Thank You and I love you Your # 1 fan ”

MS. J victoria - You are my inspiration!