“Years from now, we might look back and try to pinpoint exactly when Dashous Clayy became one of the best rappers working, and wonder how we missed it at the time. His 2013 debut JerseySouthDown: 856 Forever is highly anticipated, the South Jersey native stated he has numerous high-quality mixtapes in the chambers and is getting them ready for release, but he's remained underrated and easily overlooked: as befits a rapper with substance in this gimmicky rap game. He is extremely passionate rapper with truly something to say and hungry for more and is committed to give the game what it needs a variety with some swagger on top. But don't let the hype fool you: it takes ferocious inner steel to put out this much consistently good music in so little time, and the fact that he's done so without little help but much needed focus is even more impressive. His latest release, One Man Recking Crew, displays variety and his willingness to step outside of the box.”

Lauren Ambers - Nexxt Up Magazine

“Wow, great flow, deep voice!...I really like yr music & appreciate yr rhymes; amazing songwriting! best of luck from Italy, ciao BNBG”

“I love finding gems like Dashous, who's grooves cut clean and hard through the genre clutter to grab my ears and soul.”

Dre Concard - Daily Grind Magazine

“Dope sounds homie...Jersey should be Proud!!”

“Sitting here listening.....just loving the vibe!”