Das Black Milk / Press

“Das Black Milk is clearly a band that revels in dressing up in their own favorite musical styles, without any sense of irony. Their live shows must be quite interesting. If I'm ever in Scranton, I'll have to track them down. In the meantime, I'll raise a glass of Köstritzer Schwarzbier in honor of Das Black Milk.”

“Garbage Kompu punk rock.”

“They vibe on the likes of Joy Division, Wire, Bauhaus, etc. but bring a little more experimentation into their song writing and "fuck it"-style vocals. Fun stuff. Very poppy.”

“it's the nineties, we're serious about sounding really tough...drum machine cramps. Lots of clean production and two very different glasses of Das Milk.”

“Utterly and completely addicting, it moves with a confident groove that is both sultry and slightly menacing. I could (and did!) listen to a song like this all day long, and I’d be more than happy to hear a whole album’s worth of songs in this vein. ”

“Sharing a side of a 7” each, Kid Icarus and Das Black Milk, come out with honours even”

“this could become a decent enough band”

“Relentlessly lo-fi and noisy, this is best heard very fucking loud, when it becomes a wall of intense psychedelic weirdness (even the acoustic bits), the stooges popping into mind and the paint peeling off the walls, lovely indeed.”