Daryl Lee Thompson / Press

“The geniuses in this music comes alive like when you turn your back on toys....”

Shelldone Green - Stone Phree Magazine

“Every time I hear your voice I fall in love with your whole message. D you still make me cry. I MISS YOU!! Count on God and your love for life. Love you baby!”

Rebekah Holman - The Globe

“I remember when I picked you up at the 2nd street bus terminal...all ready to start our band...you had round John Lennon glasses on and an atache' case...you were (and still are) the coolest guy I know.”

Eric Eklof - Blues Review Vegas

" Two cups of sugar.. 1/2 cup o' stupid phunk "

John Jingglehiemer - New York Herreld

" Never pet a burning dog "

Frank Bupikiss - New End Times

“Can you see it shining ?”

Rick Hubbard - Stone Phree Magazine