Double Dee / Press

"I don't know how you do it. But you guys have a way of hitting me right smack in the HEART! War Again is haunting me"!!!

“You were awesome... Loved your song choices !!!”

“My family and I met this extraordinary couple last weekend at Margaritaville, Biloxi as we celebrated my mom's birthday and niece's graduation. We were so amazed at the chemistry and love we felt between them through their performance. The talent between these two was magnificent! We cant wait to hear them again! We enjoyed them to the fullest!! We had a blast!! They rock! Tabatha Moody-Powe, 05/21/2014”

"I really like your songs and your overall energy and presentation."

"It's a perfect marriage of melody emotion, dedication, passion, recording, delivery, and performance."

"Their signature sound is the intimate knowledge each other has for the creative skills allowing these features to be highlighted in their songs as to create optimum effect. And what an effect that is."

"Double Dee's country style, talent, and musical delivery takes them to a level not many have achieved. One important aspect to this dynamic duo is their faith in country, family and friends."

"Why I Stand" was beautifully performed as expected, beautifully sung as expected with patriotic emotion and resolve. It makes me want to stand up and salute the American flag."

"The song 'I Gotta Go' is a really great story song 'Justice Served' would be great for the next time I interview a criminal.

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"They are a terrific husband and wife team hooked up with NSAI and very good songwriters and I think they would be a big hit at RiChard's."

"Beautiful singing and instrumentation."

"I like your style Double Dee. Nice, laid back music."

"I love yall's music...you guys rock!!!"

"Beautiful music and sound...best wishes from France".

"Hey guys! Nice to see another couple making music together..."

""Livin', Lovin', You' great country sound and song. Strong style and amazing vocals

"Hey what love can do, great sound, beautiful harmony. God bless you from London, UK."

"Your stories and harmonies are great! The joy you have in your life comes through in your music loud and clear!"

"If you live on the Gulf Coast and love good live music, come out and see Double Dee next time they're playing. They pull off some great covers, but they're terrific songwriters in their own right! I enjoyed hearing and meeting them last night. Good people!"

"We loved having you there and you are right, it was a rockin' good time!!!! Double Dee rocks!!!!!!!..."

"Stunning vocals. Your music is sensational. Love the harmonies. Everything!!!!"

"Listening to your music I find myself swaying back and forth and tapping my foot...good energy...very nice vocals."

"Come out to the Tiki Restaurant and Lounge in Gautier tonight and see my friends better known as Double Dee along with Matt Hoggatt and Robert Joseph. Good music, great food and cold drinks on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"Love the Rockabilly sound to "Smack-dab in Love" and the cajun sound on Lovin'/Livin'...very nice."

"Fun stuff! Sounds like home! Could be sittin' on a porch just playin' away..."