Darryl Lee Rush / Press

“Bottom line: Darryl Lee Rush gives us a pure Texas music album that is at times rowdy, at other times serious and reflective. It makes us want to consume copious amounts of Shiner beer and should be added to the collection of any true Texas music fan.”

El Presidente - Lone Star Magazine

“East Dallas resident Darryl Lee Rush is the kind of gritty and straightforward songwriter that gives country music a chance to escape its seemingly endless fixation with bodacious blondes and mullet-addled super patriots.”

Darryl Smyers - Dallas Observer

“Burn It Down" - Darryl Lee Rush After a somewhat lengthy wait, the original Shiner Rising Star winner came back with a self-titled that was the best storytelling country record of the year. Leaning heavily on the folk-rock that some would call Americana, Rush provides this blow-by-blow tale of a relationship in trouble with painful believability and zero need for sugar-coating the hard truth.”

“Rush's writing avoids all easy exits in order to cut into the truthful core of the story he's telling in each tune. Turns out, honesty is the best policy.”

Kelly Dearmore - Dallas Observer