Darryl Johnson / Press

“Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “Great to work with. Always delivers !” October 14, 2011”

Perry Schirmer -- Producer - linked in

““Darryl is a very talented musician who can learn new skills quickly.” October 14, 2011”

Sam Levine, Studio Musician, Sam Levine Productons - linked in

““Darryl is one of the most exceptional talents I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He does his homework and needs no micromanaging. His attitude is always professional and low maintenance! What amazes me the most... is his diversification. There is nothing Darryl can't sing. He has an incredible range and is a blast to work with on and off stage. Lori Stegner Maestro Productions” October 14, 2011”

““I've known Darryl for five years and continue to be impressed with every facet of his performances and capabilities. He is an absolutely thrilling entertainer” September 1, 2009”

Hank Brown - linked in

““Darryl has proven to be a "go to" guy in some specific areas for my entertainment company. He does his homework and is always prepared. Good musician!” October 14, 2011”

““In one sentence, you simply cannot get anymore of a versatile & professional performer/entertainer than Darryl Johnson. He is the consumate vocalist and is extremely handy in the studio as an engineer as well.” October 14, 2011”

Joshua Garber - linked in

““Darryl has golden pipes. Great singer, sweetheart of a guy. He always makes a band sound better. Well, to be honest, I don't know if he really does that much for marching bands--but for r&b, he's the guy.” January 9, 2010”

Ronnie Brooks, Copywriter/Editor, Iostudio - linked in

““Darryl Johnson is an extraordinary vocalist with seemingly limitless ability. His knowledge of popular song is extensive. He is at home in most any style, from jazz including scat, to funk, to motown to down home blues. His range is almost limitless, and he can stack background vocals that sound flawless.” January 10, 2010”

Tim Gordon, woodwinds, Mr Groove Band - linked in

““I recommend Darryl as a prolific singer his voice is golden. I had the pleasure of working with Darryl on a tribute to my late husband Legendary Grammy winner Ike Turner. On the Mr Groove Band album. I recommend Darryl as a studio and live performer.” January 14, 2010”

Audrey Turner, Entertainer - linked in

“It's actually Darryl Johnson who takes most of the lead vocals, however, and manages an eerie similarity to Tina Turner in his vocal delivery. Rocket 88: Tribute to Ike Turner”

"I Smell Trouble" comes next, one of the few songs I was familiar with coming in, and a personal favorite, as well. Johnson does some of his best vocal work on Rocket 88 with this track, turning in a soulful performance on this classic.

“Moving from the background to the forefront in 2010, Darryl brings a new wave of excitement to Chairmen of the Board.”

““Darryl’s been on almost every Chairmen (of the board) record for the last 15 years. He and Thomas are artists in their own right, and there’s a spark between the guys that makes things fresh and new,” said Denny Wells, a friend of the Chairmen who’s attended ...band rehearsals at Studio East on Monroe Road.”

charlotte observer

““What a show! We never sat down,” Jeffrey Zachary wrote after the House of Blues tribute in December. “Darryl and Thomas are great, sounded as if they worked together for years: so tight. What a great tribute. I know General was singing along.””

charlotte observer

“Darryl's vocals capture the meaning beneath the words and the notes, oftentimes laying it right on your lap and daring you to turn away. ”