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“Monday, February 8, 2016 No Shame In Darryl Ellyson's It's Such A Shame There’s an old expression that one bad break up can lead to a dozen good songs. I don’t know if it’s true, but I have no doubt that personal pain can be turned into art. Hell, the Blues are built on heartache and pain. It’s a universal emotion and the despair that personal pain causes is fuel to a real artist. Virginia native Darryl Ellyson has just released a new album entitled It’s Such A Shame So I was very interested to see what all the fuss was about.This album turned out to be a superior effort with some interesting lyrics, good vocals, and a fine selection of musicians. Professor Johnny P's Juke Joint”

“Darryl thanks for such a good job for our rotary event. Everyone loves your music and wants you back every year thanks!”

Tom Anderson - Brandermil Rotary

"Darryl Ellyson is a true professional musician that plays with class and absolute talent. As a solo musician, he only needs his guitar and voice to put on an excellent show perfect for any venue". Josh Epps Site Supervisor Hanover Tavern Foundation P.O. Box 487 Hanover, VA 23069 804-537-5050 ext:21 http://www.hanovertavern.org/

"Darryl has had over 40 years experience singing and his vocal range is as diverse as the colors of a rainbow. His voice is both invigorating and infectious and he shares stories that can captivate any audience. As a guitar player, Darryl has been playing for over 25 years and his smooth transitional grooves resonate with anybody that hears him. Darryl is a vibrant and cheerful musician that is both eclectic and highly skilled in his craft, as his hands can seamlessly travel along the fret board of his guitar from playing: blues, funk, easy listening and country music. Darryl mixes both original and cover music into any show and even provides an enjoyable synergy by applying his services with the option of performing as a duet or a trio. As a comfortable, natural and versatile entertainer that is a top drawer professional, he has gained the status of our premier musical talent."

Chris Lythgoe - Bluelight Booking LLC

“The head liner, Darryl Ellyson emerged in a bright multicolored shirt and ‘60’s style fedora. Mr. Ellyson is a top notch performer with a wide array of influences. He sang so many great songs and space does not permit us to expound upon all, so we’ll provide a few of the many highlights. The sweet soul of Darryl’s powerful singing voice was manifested immediately on the opener Love Refugees, a classic, beautiful love song. Hearing Darryl Ellyson is always a treat with his powerful vocals and guitar accompaniment that is just right. ”

“After a brief intermission, Darryl Ellyson took the over the mike and launched into his set of guitar-driven blues tinged material. There’s no question he delves into the arena of heartbreak and lovelorn sentiment, as evidenced by his opening song “Teardrops” which took the audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride. His big voice immediately captured the attention of the crowd as he led them through a couple more bluesy songs. Next up was a new creation “Love Refugees” which detailed the relationship between two spurned lovers who find each other. Closing out his set was “Cause My Heart To Bleed” an upbeat, rousing song that drew the audience in to the performance. Darryl plays his music around many Richmond area venues, so be sure to look for his name in your local listings. ”

“The featured performer of the evening, Darryl Ellyson. Accompanied by Josh Wortham on electric keyboards, Darryl wowed the crowd with a set of old and new tunes. Mostly thematic in nature, songs of broken hearts and love gone awry, he used his big booming voice to mesmerize the audience wih blues riffs and minor accents. Kicking off the set was “Newsman Blues” a self explanatory saga of unfulfilled love. “I’m Still In Love With You” was highighted by a great musical fill from Josh. Among the new tunes, “When I Close My Eyes” stood out for its soulful bluesy quality. Another new one “Comes a Better Day” also stood out. As a closer, Darryl gave us “When I Get Home” which got a large round of applause from the appreciative gathering.”