Darrin Carter / Press

“Hi Darrin, you've got my vote. I really Love your style Man. It's a style of your own, and in this business that's a Good thing..Keep upthe excellent work...Rockin' Ronnie”

Ron S - RS

“i love sound, it makes me just want to chill and enjoy life. thanks for sharing to me your super awesome godfilled music. and I will definitly add u. God with in ”

A Beautiful Let Down - Dorena

“There's not a better compliment than one from a fellow artist”

Darrin Carter - DC

“YouRock!!!!!! smoothly breakin it down! very creative style. SWEET VOCALS on So Happy. Solid material and diggin the places you go with your sounds.”

MetalMark - GUNMETAL

“Hey Darrin... No doubt thank's for the comments Feelin the Soulful music you make..... Trinidad and Tobago will always back you... Stay up..Stay Blessed. Aug 27 ”

Joe Black - Splifferman

"So Happy" is soooooo smooth. Nice vibe, well written, performed and arranged. Nice work my brother!

Tom - Tom From Montana

“The World is Listening...Let's get it.. ”

Darrin Carter - .

"A breath of fresh air...."

April* Nicole - April* Nicole