Darren Rhodes / Press

“Darren Rhodes Debuts this week at #17 on The Pop Country Roots Music Radio Airplay Report.”

“Darren Rhodes receives Single Of The Year Award for his latest Single: "She's My Angel"”

“Darren Rhodes is one of my favorite country artists out here and i am sure you will understand why once you listen to him.”

Douglas Dickens - Compliment

“Darren Rhodes CD titled: "Jesse Told Becky Goodbye" available for purchase at this location.”

“Darren Rhodes debut's at #27 on the country charts, with "Politically Incorrect Redneck" Please keep listening and voting”

“Darren Rhodes CD titled: "Jesse Told Becky Goodbye" available on Napster.com”

“Jesse Told Becky Goodbye tells the story from the view of a resident of the hometown where the two young lovers grew up. They are inseparable then he tells her goodbye. ”

“Darren Rhodes was featured on The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume III, and from it, comes one of the most touching country songs ever written:"Coldest Night Since 1951" originally from Darren's album,Jesse Told Becky Goodbye.If you like country story-telling songs, this CD is a must.”

“Found this CD album by mistake VERY GOOD Some time you stumble on a great song or album this is one of those times”