D D Danahy / Press

" Danahy’s lyrics keenly perceptive of an unspecified shift in human consciousness and dare I say reality itself of which the mass mind is becoming more and more aware each day"

"Darren Douglas Danahy provides a change with abstract electronics and distorted vocals on No relief in sight."

"when the show was finished, his cup was overflowing with spiritual force. This was by far the most cathartic concert Traverso had ever been to despite the fact that there were only a few people there. Traverso knew that Darren was a vicar of light, and he was overflowing with so much gratitude that he went into the Panther to get his garnet and meteorite necklace from his red cedar box. He said to Darren, "Your music touched me very deeply. I would like to give you this necklace made out of garnet and a meteorite that landed in the 16th century at Marine del Campo, South America. Thank you."