“if you listen to this whilst driving your car you may kill a few people in the process, but at least you will go to prison with a metal smile”

“Heavy groove metal was the order of the day for Darksite, the band had a similar style to Pantera's bruising riffage”

“True British Metal”

“perfect for fans of Pantera / Megadeth”

“If you’re looking for a damned good straight up metal album then this could well be the one for you, showing that once again, Wales seems to be producing music which we all need to sit up and take note of”

“for a long time the u.k. hasnt generated any novelty in the thrash and heavy category and here finally is their entrance”

“I personally can't wait to hear a full length release from these guys!! As I love this EP!..I'm wondering 'what's next' for the band...I think big things are destined for them judgeing from what I have heard so far! I suggest you join the dark army! This band are "trying to bring back true metal and resurrect British Metal"..and this they will!..I think they will appeal to the metal masses! Influences: Metallica, Pantera, NIN, Bullet for my valentine ”

“explosive shows and word of mouth, the demo got over 300,000 hits from the band's MySpace, resulting not only in the band hauling in endorsements from the likes of DBZ Guitars, Diamond Amplification, JHS and Kustom Bass Amplification, Davaguitar picks, Wincent drum sticks, and Wormstar Clothing, but eventually also in getting singed onto the Brutal Elite Records roster (which also lists already established acts A Moment Lost, Allerjen, Fell On Black Days, Isor, Omertà, and Quarterblind)”

“Darksite could have an impact commercially, bands such as the aforementioned Five Finger Death Punch, Meshuggah and Lamb Of God have carried on the ‘hammer punching’ of the previous generation and added their own elements to the pot. And likewise Darksite could indeed join them in helping educate the new generation of rock and metal fans that are desperate for a ‘soundtrack to their own lives’. ”

" Darksite’s extensive tour diary over the coming months suggests an in-demand live metal act. Their myspace demos show them playing in the same expansive field as Metallica, Pantera and Ministry ,,if you saw them gigging you’d probably be sweating blood from your moshing knackers "

“Such is the bands speedy rise to prominence (they only formed in mid 2009, rising from the ashes of their previous incarnations; Cause And Effect, Equilibrium and D-Sear) they have managed to secure the services of a Thrash legend Andy ‘rosser’ Davies - guitarist with Onslaught no less - to produce this EP. Their MySpace page has received over 325,000 hits so far, it is this word of mouth that has seen them gain some invaluable air-time. Krusher himself giving the bands music the thumbs up on his radio show. You can see them live in June when they support original AC/DC vocalist Dave Evans and Cumbrian rockers Falling Red in Cardiff. ”

“On next were Darksite. Reminded us of Spineshank vs Pantera in a cage match. Riffs from hell thanks to Adz, sporting his one of a kind DBZ guitar and fed through his Large chrome box producing a crazy sound, which he called a Diamond amp. Double bass kick drum beats followed by raging vocals give this 4 piece an extra edge, ”