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“For the first time, Darkness Dear Boy, a band originating from Tempe, made a trip up to Flagstaff to perform at Hotel Monte Vista Lounge. Incorporating a mixture of original rock, punk, reggae and honky-tonk, they managed to draw a number of fans from all ages Sept. 18. For the most part, Darkness Dear Boy plays at festivals and venues all over the state. Patrons were excited to see what kind of sound they were going to bring to the table. “This is their first time coming to Flagstaff, so I’m excited to listen and see what I’m paying them for,” said operations manager at Monte Vista Lounge Mark Greenwalt. With about five years of making music together, Darkness Dear Boy has come a long way. Their music is available for purchase on iTunes and Spotify. Darkness Dear Boy is not only impressive in its musical talents, but also in the way the band members carry themselves. You can see the chemistry among the men as they interact with each other on and off stage...”

“Now we turn onto the Local Lane where we find Darkness Dear Boy from Tempe. This three-piece band brings a different kind of fun to music. They remind me of the band The President’s of the United States of America. The band’s cheeky lyrics are set to groovy and funky beats that will engage you even more into its music. They have a new album out, called a Cagey Avoidance of a Definite Answer, and the tunes Onto You, Greener Posture and Mean To Me all stick out as great radio-safe songs. Singer, Ted Organ, brings a lot of depth into his writings, and it really comes out in his voice, along with the rhythm section of Chase Lechner and Aaron Ranschaert on the bass and drums, respectfully. Both Chase and Aaron actively participate in singing as they have balanced a fine mix of harmonies and backup vocals. ddbtunes.com.”

“Darkness Dear Boy finally delivered on their follow-up to 2010's Brand New Carrot on a String this year and while overdue, it was well worth the wait. I wasn't sure if anything could overshadow their debut album, but I had no need to worry in that regard. First it's got one of the best album titles of the year and secondly, the album perfectly captures the sheer essence of Darkness Dear Boy and brings their rambunctious stage show to record perfectly. There is enough groove, funk, rock and reggae hints to keep you entertained with their sound all year round and well into the next one”

"Darkness Dear Boy's Brand New Carrot on a String is a refreshing sound that hits both lyrically and musically. Great vibes". -Kevin Gassman KWSS 106.7FM

“Darkness Dear Boy are an energetic power trio with a loose, organic indie-rock vibe and a riff-heavy sound, a Tempe, Arizona group that shares a jones for fat-chorded hooks-and-harmonies rock with local compatriots Jimmy Eat World and the Gin Blossoms. Brand New Carrot On A String is an impressive debut full of tart lyrics (“Pain can feel soothing when it’s all that you’re used to”) and sharp riffs, wrapped up in a loose, friendly DIY vibe. They might not change the world just yet, but Darkness Dear Boy can definitely put a smile on your face.”

“Hailing from different parts of California and Indiana, members of local band Darkness Dear Boy came together through a Craigslist ad about three years ago to combine a variety of musical elements and share their unique sound and style. The three-man band includes guitarist Ted Organ, 34, and an ASU graduate, bassist Will Kingsbury, 30, and drummer Aaron Ranschaert, 34. All three guys sing and write their own music. The band’s music style is a combination of alternative, punk rock, honky tonk, and reggae. Outside of the band, the guys have regular day jobs but claim that music is their sole focus and just work these 8-to-5 jobs to pay the bills. Right now, the guys regularly play around 9 p.m. Wednesday nights at Long Wong's in Tempe...”

“in general, the dudes crank out tunes that would fit in perfectly over the radio waves of every “Alternative station” since the early nineties. Songs like “Get Off Me” that recall Valley stalwarts Authority Zero, with wah-wah guitars, syncopated drums and oh-so funky bass, or “Today” that sounds like Offspring at their radio dominating peak. Even if one despises the band’s sound, it’s tough not to be impressed by their mass-market crossover appeal,”

“Darkness Dear Boy Is Fighting For Local Music with The BFLS!”

“Anyway, right here we've got our friends Darkness Dear Boy, who I wrote a column about last month, playing Three Doors Down's "Be Like That" along with the violinist from Whats Left.”