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“Darker Still from Ontario are a highly accomplished blues/rock/folk outfit with a full bodied and reverberant sound. Chunky guitar riffs, resonant drums, and solid bass lines dominate here. Singer Tony Bertucci’s rock/soul vocals are top notch and he manages to pull off every emotion from mischievous to heartbroken throughout their ReverbNation eight song sampling. “I Had It All” is the perfect blues/rock song. “Weak Threads” is the perfect outlaw/alt country song. Its breezy riffs and rhythms are as soothing as they are catchy. There’s some really great progressions here. “Could There Be” is perhaps the collections best track. It’s packed with some beautiful harmonies, vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, and lyrics. It’s such a great song. This band is really something special. They are easily one of the best bands highlighting ReverbNation right now.”

“First things first the guitarist is a real show stopper. The energy of the vocalist as well and the sound captured my heart immediately. I love the style of D B Cooper. This is pure perfection. Top of the charts. Everything about this sound is extraordinary, and you have made me a true fan!”

anonymous - crowd review, Reverb Nation

“The beginning of DB Cooper starts off with a really great guitar solo and the vocalist has a great toned voice. There is a huge selection of instruments in the background that you can listen too. Such high quality of music, I absolutely love this. The chorus has a dramatic stab through out the entire song which makes it very unique. This is by far, the best rock band I've heard.”

anonymous - crowd review, Reverb Nation

“Great singing! I Had It All has got me going! I love it! Its a beast! Its energetic! Play More Like This! This song has the Beast In The Rock! It's quick and fast. It's so good that I would buy the whole album no mater how bad the rest of the songs are! Great song Bravo bravo! I give this song a smashing 10. it's the best song ever!”

anonymous - crowd review, Reverb Nation

“The vocalist approached every lyric with the prowess of a master, who should already be singing live on stage and making millions.”

anonymous - crowd review, Reverb Nation

“Wow, what a start for a Suicidal Journey! It's country meets rock music. Makes me dance to it all day and night! Suicidal Journey is very exciting to listen to. Love how awesome the music and artist is. Screaming in this song is fabulous. Regardless if people understood the lyrics or not they wouldn't care because of how awesome this song is. Instruments are amazing in this song. Rock stations need and want songs like these on their stations. Fans want these songs as well. Band will sell out concerts with songs like these. Music industry needs more music like this. Where have they been all this time? Guitar solo was jamming. Love how this song was put together. Well done. I'm so proud and excited!!”

anonymous - crowd review, Reverb Nation

“Suicidal Journey starts out with a strong, hard hitting drum beat and a great electric guitar. A fantastic voice, that is raspy and screams rock. He sounds awesome in the chorus, I was really feeling the song. He can carry his notes really well. His vocals remind me a lot of the band Hinder. The band would be extremely popular on the radio... even a chart hit. Very catchy relatable lyrics. I was singing along and banging my head. I think this band could be the next big rock band. Selling records would be easy. I for one would buy their album, and would want to learn more about them. They have a marketable sound that would appeal to younger and older generations. The background vocals are really nice in the chorus, softer and it contrasts great with his strong presence. This song is very memorable; the ending is particularly. No music at all, the entire chorus as simple background vocals and the leader singer belting it out at the top of their lungs. I would highly recommend this band!”

anonymous - crowd review, Reverb Nation

“Blaring but badass! Raw, funky, pulsing, strong arrangement. The lyrics [of Greed] told a real and gutsy message. I felt the power of the band and that they believed in what they were playing and what they were saying.”

anonymous - Reverb Nation Crowd Review

“Greed starts out sounding great music wise; singers sound great. I enjoyed listening to this song. The words make sense and the music is good and upbeat. Drums, guitars and the singer are insync. Love the guitar solo. I would listen to this song again and again.”

anonymous - Reverb Nation Crowd Review

“The intro was very upbeat and amazing in [Greed] I loved it! It made me feel so great and just want to jump up and down. The vocals in this song were so good for a rock band, so much range in his voice and it was just like the voice of an angel. I think this could be a very big song with just his voice alone as it was so strong and just stood out so much for me I would go see this band live. The guitar riff in this song was so good, how it was just so rocky and heavy and the solo was just competely amazing. [Greed] made me feel so great, I just got lost in the song because of how happy it made me. The drums in this song were so funky, and went so well with the rest of the song. Overall a really great song, I really Loved it. It could actually come to be one of my favourite songs of all time.”

Anonymous - Reverb Nation Crowd Review

“Hotter than the chili peppers!”

Bad Dog and Alley Cat - Reverb Nation

“The second you hear these tracks you really feel like ‘Wow, this whole band and album is gonna rock'”

Matthew Johnston - Reverb Nation

“Very fine music and incredible vocals. Love your sound!”

Susan Martin - Reverb Nation

“If you guys have anything really going for you, it's that you have a really, really great singer.”

Mike Dmitrovic - Voodoo Records

“Quinn is a fantastic young bass player, no, I mean it, a top notch musician.”

Greg Goodwin - Musicfest Canada Gold Band Conductor/ Director