Dark Earth / Press

“I've always liked that kind of bands that do not beat around the bush and go right, not to the point, but for the jugular. Short but powerful is the debut album of Dark Earth which titled its new and first demo "42012" . With five issues totaling around half an hour of listening to the trio from sunny California is made ​​up of James Sotelo (guitar / vocals), Bobby Daly (bass / vocals) and Kevin Boockholdt (drums). This project formed in February this year to 3 months after entering the studio and record this "42012" . Technically very good, let's say we are among a mix of speed and the most punk rock of Red Fang , the technique of Mastodon , and the strength of The Sword , put it together, and we have beat them all Dark Earth .”

“Dark Earth are a Psych Rock/Stoner Metal Band From San Jose, USA The members are: James Sotelo - Guitar, Vocals (ex-Frost Hammer) Bobby Daly - Bass, Vocals Kevin Boockholdt - Drums Dark Earth a superb Stoner Metal band mixing Doom, Psych Rock to heavy and thunderous effect. They have just released their brilliant new album - 42012. A heavy far out there masterpiece containing 5 tracks that runs for a top-notch 30 minutes or so. These guys main weapon is the power for the riff and they worship at the same church that we do. The Church Of The Riff. Dark Earth are influenced by High on Fire, Graveyard, Witchcraft, Black Sabbath, Earthless, Asteroid, Mammatus, The Sword. And if you like those brilliant band's then your going to dig this great band. Their music is excellent from the word go. Loud and heavy from the word go. Especially the 10 minute epic - Time Warp - which shows what this band does so perfectly well. Incorporating Doom, Stoner, Psych and even Space Rock to take you”

“With all this talk about classic rock - the Rolling Stones anniversary, Neil Young's new release and tour, a new Black Sabbath record, etc., etc. - it's hard to imagine a world without our rock heroes. And despite Keith Richard's seeming immortality, rock 'n' roll does not make a body imperishable, and as the late Jim Morrison (case in point) writes "the future's uncertain and the end is always near." Well, the end is nearer for some. We need to remember that regardless of whether or not they burn out or fade away, rockers themselves, will die. It's up to forthcoming generations to carry the torch, ensuring that 'rock 'n' roll' will never die. That being said, there are already a slough of young rockers keeping the faith, the sound, and the spirt of rock's forefather's alive; the arenas of metal are no different. Harkening back to a time when hard rock was just beginning its transition to metal, the retro genres of Doom Metal and Stoner Rock were born....”

"If you like faster Sabbath-rock that hails from the realm of Acid King and Sleep, then Dark Earth is something you'd dig. The first and self-titled track reminded me of Orange Goblin. Right on. 'Evil King' is a fast and driving slap-in-the-face of a track - kinda thrashy, even. And, to close a sweet demo, '42012' blasts off into the outer rims of the Riff Galaxy, leaving me to soar into head space. In true northern Cali fashion, they navigate the Riff well. I look forward to future realeases from the band. Don't be an unaware square. Listen to Dark Earth."

"Dark Earth from San Jose, California is a new band consisting of James Sotelo - Guitar, Vocals (ex-Frost Hammer), Bobby Daly - Bass, Vocals and Kevin Boockholdt - Drums. The group recently presented us with their first EP called ''42012'', containing 5 songs, total duration about 30 minutes. The band offers very good pieces in the Stoner / Doom genre mainly influenced by bands like Graveyard, Witchcraft, High On Fire, Black Sabbath, Earthless, Asteroid, Mammatus, The Sword. Impressed by the amazing guitar work that is accompanied by very good vocals and a powerful rhythm section."