Dark Disciple / Press

“Dark Disciple know their business, which is how to play extreme brutal Death Metal music period! Their music will give you a solid kick in the family jewels. Playing Brutal Death Metal is their only agenda for this hate troop, which should now be greedily devoured by fans of good Death Metal....”

Metal News Today...(Germany)

“Mr.Satan himself certainly spat in the bowl of soup that was served to nourish Dark Disciples growth. They bring you one hell of a thundering shootout of relentless blasphemy. What more could you ask for from a brutal American group!”

Legacy Magazine (Europe)

“There's nothing contrived about Dark Disciple they're sadistic, antagonistic, nihilistic and f*cking very brutal. They pride themselves in the art of raw, relentless belligerence. ”

Metal Maniacs Magazine (USA)

“Dark Disciple is a Top-notch Priest-Chokin' death metal band that plays memorable riffs with impressive structuring. They're raw, blasphemous, and down right hateful. ”

Century Media Records (Europe)