Darius Lux / Press

“His music is a melting pot of styles, 70s soul, 80s EuroPop, and 90s hip-hop with strong roots in traditional siner/songwriter fundamentals. Contemporary influences include Maroon 5, John Mayer and Spearhead”

"Darius Lux is creating music that is exciting and fresh, no three chord progression here. The real deal on a par with classic rock artists yet fresh for today's discerning ears."

“There is a real soulful rhythm that runs throughout. The lyrics are upbeat and supportive. One of the themes is to realize the power we all have to control our own life. Along with the need to sometimes just slow down and take a break and really enjoy all of the wonders of this world.”

“I’d call it inspirational rock’n’soul: airy, hooky, melodic serious-minded lyrics sung with conviction. A cup of Ben Harper, a dollop of Lenny Kravitz, a pint of Seal and you’ve got the secret sauce for this rich blend.”

“Darius Lux [an excessively talented one-man band] weaves textured pop into R&B with strong tenor vocals and harmonies. It’s a winning musical recipe. “Xtraordinary”, “Every Single Moment”, and “Human Race” are radio-single worthy.”

“A lyrical voice that draws you in & makes you invest emotion cos he believes 110% in his words. Listen & Hey You are standouts: lyrics are strong, music is well done & his voice shines; this could strike a vast audience.”

“LIVE REVIEW: KEY CLUB, LA Darius Lux specializes in rockin pop/soul jams similar in style to Adam Levine. The songs embrace idealistic hope, displaying a sweetness that we can all appreciate. These musicians show they are capable of changing the pace with "Human Race".”