Da Rezarekt / Press

“One of our first featured bands on the YSA Report podcast was Da Rezarekt. They have their own special brand of music that mixes various genres, all of it funky. We were happy to feature them and get their sound out to our fans”

“It's not everyday in the music industry that you get to speak with such an inspirational and united group of artists. Da Rezarekt is a one of kind band with a killer sound, and an intense, high energy live performance. Self defined in the genre of "FunkRokHop", this description says it all.”

"Homie" Award Best Hip Hop/Rap song 2011 Da Rezarekt – Bang Da Bricks

"I like it, it's got a good beat to it, I'm gonna download this" from Sports talk show Bruno & Mayes

“I could go on for pages about all of the great performances I saw, so I’ll pick a few highlights. I’d heard the music of Philly band Da Rezarekt before, but his was my first chance to seem them live. Their performance at the Bottle and Cork was one of the most high energy performances I’ve experienced recently, as they blended rock, hip-hop and R&B seamlessly behind the supreme M.C. talents of the appropriately named Supreem.”

"Then Da Rezarekt takes the stage. Marisa “Guitar Grrrl” Salazar, petite and clad in an Avenged Sevenfold shirt, begins shredding a lick that could put members of the aforementioned band to shame. Puffy D Miller slides in with a smooth funk bass groove, his light-colored dreadlocks whipping around frantically. Derek “Supa Star Dar” Gallagher keeps the beat on drums, as his formally serene demeanor morphs into a burst of pulsating rhythm. Front man Supreem spits lyrics with such force in his deep, gravely voice that he already needs to shed his thick Sixers jersey. The reactions in the crowd suddenly go from wary, creeping smiles to full-blown grins. "The veteran hip hop/ funk/ rockers know how to get a party going." "Their sound is diverse enough that they can’t be pigeonholed."

“...If you go see them in person just ONCE you will be hooked for life”

“A combination of funk, hip hop and rock that commands attention. MC Supreem’s energetic presence is contagious and equally supported by premier musicianship including guitarists Marisa “Guitar Girl” Salazar. Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Parliament.”

Connie S. Poole - On Tap Magazine

“watch a love Rezarekt Gig and it's impossible to miss the easy rapport they have with the crowd and each other.They brim with raucous energy, their sound more bouncy than bristled.... DR understand the artistic value of incongruity”

“Da Rezarekt is the perfect example of what a band should do at a Music Conference...there was such a buzz about them, and they did not dissapoint they had the crowd begging for more.”