Darcy Jeavons / Press

“A star shines brightly… When it comes to enlightening music, few stars have the ability to remain a permanent fix, shining their energy and light with brilliant radiance. Ever so often a shooting star in the form of a new artist bolts past, leaving fans just as quickly as he or she arrived, satisfying for only a short time, the need for positive and encouraging music. All too often these artists are overshadowed by iconic representations of entertainment that are sometimes difficult to embrace, hard to understand, and in all honestly shallow. Listeners who turn to music in search of deeper meaning gravitate toward the artist whose sound, message, and delivery are luminous; the artist that clearly utilizes music to feed the soul. It is this artist who becomes a mainstay in our listening device; this is the artist that we tell all of our friends about because, they are indeed brilliant. Singer-Songwriter Darcy Jeavons is one such star that will be illuminating the music scene.....”

“Darcy Jeavons is one of those rare singers who makes great vocals sound effortless. Listening to her pop songs is like having strawberries dipped in whipped cream -- it's a tasty, indulgent treat. Darcy, a singer songwriter from Huntington Beach, California, writes songs reminiscent of Carole King and sings them with a voice as rich as Carly Simon or Trisha Yearwood. There's passion in each tune, whether it's a heartfelt love song ("My Hero") or a touching song about parenthood (Warning: Do not listen to "My Little Girl and Boy" on a crowded commuter train, as you may start crying, and people may stare at you *cough*). One of Darcy's most powerful songs, "I Am Gonna Tell," is performed by Alani Claire and enhanced by a powerful beat that matches the urgency of her message. Other standouts are "So Into You," a collaboration with Jason Mark Yates with a fluid bossa nova vibe and "I Dance With You," which boasts a lovely piano intro and a compelling, accelerating tempo.”

Linda Freeman - TIW Music

“Musician Composes Song to Promote Awareness of Sexual Violence Against Youth ---- Sexual abuse, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, impacts a high percentage of youth. Approximately 44% of those who report sexual abuse are under age 18. In the tradition of musicians throughout centuries, composer, Darcy Jeavons, is bringing attention to the critical issue of child sexual abuse through her song, I Am Gonna Tell. Famous folk singers have stood up for social justice for centuries. In the past century, Woody Guthrie composed music about the common man and the struggles of the working poor. Bob Dylan wrote and sang in protest against war and social injustice. Joan Baez stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial as Martin Luther King spoke out against segregation and ushered in the awareness of civil rights. Musicians continue to speak out against social problems. For Darcy Jeavons, a mother, musician, and music student, her cause is teenage sexual abuse. ”