Dan Vaillancourt / Press

"I compare Dan’s work to Paul Simon, Todd Snider or a Midwest young version of Guy Clark. But truly, his music is one of a kind and is showcased in this latest effort in spades..."

"It is a shame a major label has not picked him up yet..."

"...a man who knows how to make his guitar do anything he wants."

“Words are all so very important but Dan has the music within him to carry his stories. Rare from such a young talent. Humor and heart are hard to find in such abundance. I always look forward to his next work and visit to the station.”

"Fun, Inventive, and Effective..."

“...Truly one of the eclectic original and iconic wordsmiths writing songs today. The songs are those of the natural born storyteller put to some idiosyncratic music that will constantly keep the listener on edge...”

“...The most talented musician/performer I have ever seen, and I've seen a bunch!”

"...stylishly produced and tightly arranged, sounding full and vibrant."

Ryan Cunningham - Recoil Magazine

"Irresistibly catchy and amazingly unique!"

Cassie Irwin - Fan

"Dan Vaillancourt's Lovely Distractions boasts crisp production and unique folk-rock twists."

“Folk singer-songwriter merges pop, funk and contemporary styles...”

"I'm extremely impressed with Vaillancourt's acoustic technique and creative approach -- the man can do more than strum."

"Has the ring of early Todd Snider..." [Vaillancourt was featured as 'One to Watch Feb. 2006' on the nationally syndicated radio show.]

"He is like a one-man band hopped up on Ki-Ora with an ADD that's spilt over into the red. He skips from genre to genre, song to song and verse to verse showing as much regard for convention as a butterfly for the flower."

David Cowling - www.americana-uk.com

"Melodic Snapshots is a mature work that deserves all the airplay accorded to Jack Johnson and all the gushing press received by the likes of Devendra Banhart. If you like either of those artists, you owe it to yourself to give Dan Vaillancourt a listen."

Gina Morris - Evolution of Media

"I think the funky stuff is amazing—two of Dan's big strengths as a performer are his non-stop positive energy and rhythmic virtuosity."

"Dan Vaillancourt reminds me of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and oddly enough, Iggy Pop with dose of groove that's hard to believe from a musician so young."

“The easiest descriptor may be folk-funk, but that fails to account for chatty spoken-word bits, hip-hop goofs, and straight-ahead pop songs.”

Madison, WI Vol. 39, Issue 18 - The Onion

"Funky folk or folky funk? Take your pick. Vaillancourt chooses to let his lone acoustic guitar and vocals speak for his talent and skill. No doubting it's uniqueness in delivery and the hybrid never sounds forced."

Kevin Mathews - www.fufkin.com

"Dan is a terrific interview. We had a great time playing songs, chatting about what inspired them and about stories from the road. We've gotten positive feedback from listeners. I will love having him back."

"Dan Vaillancourt's music deserves not to be compared to others, it is an entity all its own."

Yvonne Glasgow - Music Revue Magazine

"...an ear of maturity and a knack for entertaining folks with his funky folk style."

"Dan's lyrics are totally original and completely inspired by his own life. Some of these songs might make you laugh, some might make you a little mad right along with the singer, and some will just have you shaking your head in agreement."

Music Shopper

“...about as honest and friendly as one can find.”

Craig Carrick, NorEast'r Festival Booking Committee

“This is an interesting mix of songs from a natural storyteller, who manages to spin and weave his snapshots and snippets of dreams and conversations into engrossing tales that capture the listener's imagination...”

“What really gives Vaillancourt's songs the lift that makes them stand out is the lyrics; his witty, worldly, and wise observations on love and life...”

“The Jimi Hendrix of Folk!”

Steve Wieske

“It's in Vaillancourt's cleverly simple lyrics, his virtuosic licks, and his humorous stage banter where he really distances himself from the continually growing cadre of singer-songwriters.”

“...funky, energetic, and perfectly prepares you for what a Vaillancourt show would entail. His voice is unapologetically melodic and always hits each note with ferocity and cunning. The songs are crafted with a brilliant sense for songwriting and a knack for performance.”

“Dan Vaillancourt does more with just an acoustic guitar than most three piece bands can accomplish.”

“Dan Vaillancourt's music is as interesting to watch as it is to listen to.”

Dan Louisell, Michigan Singer-Songwriter

“Excellent music and soulful, thoughtful lyrics: wise beyond the artist's years... A little something for any and all tastes.”

Brian Jones