Dan Rumsey & The Bitter End / Press

“My prior knowledge of Dan Rumsey prior to hearing ‘Don’t Drown Yourself’ was his role in Dorset Speed as well as one or two impressive solo acoustic performances. With ‘The Bitter End’ Dan has created a third musical identity, and whilst this is the only song to pass our ears, it is a perfectly formed nugget of 80s-tinged grunge which comes ready made with a top notch high def vid. The Ben Kweller sounding opening riff with accompanying hanclaps makes way for a gloriously chunky guitar – USA ’94. Then Dan’s vocals bring the sound back to the UK, to the mid 80s with eau de Morrissey and McCulloch. Genres and name-checks aside this is simply a great pop song; wonderfully produced, great riffs, quality vocals and catchy as hell. Jeez, even the bass player looks like a slightly portly Dave Grohl (or even more like bh Bob, but hey.) The band can’t go wrong! We likey lots.”

“I quickly head up to my currently regular Wednesday Haunt – O’Neill’s - for Bournemouth Unplugged Heat 5. Dan Rumsey is first on stage. He starts with what I think is going to be a run of the mill acoustic strummed song, when he bursts into a really high chorus on Beautiful Animal. His songs feature a range of vocal dynamics, almost matched by the guitar work with builds and fades accordingly. He chooses an unusual cover, Hushabye Mountain, which shows a different style to those songs that have gone before. He has only vague variety in his choice of styles, though I am enjoying the quality of his song writing.”