Danny Wright / Press

“His new album Full of Love holds twenty of these breathtaking melodies. Full of emotion that flows from each note, you get a glimpse of the person Danny was trying to capture on each audible canvas. Full of Love is indeed what the title of the album suggests. Each of the original songs and piano compositions in this twenty song love letter are vibrant with appreciation and true vision into the elusive and irrepressible nature of the human spirit.”

"Wright will perform songs from his "Faith" album; Manchester will play her hit, "A Mother's Prayer;" and Bestor will play "Prayer for the Children." A children's choir also is scheduled to sing."

““Danny’s music is incredibly rich in emotional imagery, which is experienced directly through the music. The music is both wistful and uplifting at the same time. Herein lays one of Danny Wright’s most profound gifts – the ability to interweave varied emotions in the context of one composition. I find an interesting contrast in Danny’s playing, which can at once evoke grand sweeping vistas, yet in the same moment be as intimate as the glance between two lovers…””

““I have always been impressed by Danny Wright’s mastery of the piano and his expressive playing of other people’s music, but his own compositions reveal a different side of his musical personae that comes from a much deeper and more personal part of his heart - where his truest artistry resides…. Soul 2 Soul is my favorite Danny Wright album to date…If you like passionate, melodic piano, check this one out! I recommend it!””

““Talk about living the dream….Still graceful and melodic, being in control of his own destiny clearly gives his music a confidence and grace that comes with peace of mind---a nice reward after all those years of giving other peace of mind with his music. If you don't know him by now, this piano man is more of a Jim Brickman than a John Tesh and he can say so much with so little that you almost think he makes it look too easy. Simply a lovely album that makes quiet times all that much more special. A winner.””