Danny Trashville / Press

“Danny Trashville is one of Nashville's true diamonds in the ruff.Trashville's trademark raspy-raunchy voice is as refreshing as it is unique. Trashville not only delivers the goods vocally, he's backed by a incredibly talented group of musicians.You can't help but feel them feeding off of Trashville's energy. But, wait theres more. Trashville can write.His lyrics have real depth. Danny Trashville is an artist to be reckoned with.Nashville & the entire country/folk music scene should take notes (A bunch of notes), Trashville is a diamond in ruff that shines in today's music "garbage ridden" scene. Peace Love & Shine & Keep em coming Danny Boy, we're all a calling !!! ”

JG - iTunes review

“Your voice sounds like whiskey and weed...”

Heidi Newfield

“You don't suck!”

Mark Linskey

"With a coarse growl and catalog chock-full of outlaw country that touches on hard-living, heavy-drinking, dangerous women and auto racing, Danny Trashville is emerging from Pott. County's small pond of Pink to make a splash in deeper waters across the region."

"If you're lookin' for some redneck, honky-tonk, hillbilly rockin', good time Country music that stands out among all the same-old-same-old stuff out there today...Check out Danny Trashville"

“Danny Trashville makes me say HAYELL YEYES everytime I hear that cd. All I can say is IT'S ABOUT FUCKIN TIME !!!!!! Finally us hellbillies can hear somethin fresh and new. Also,ol Danny is the baddest mother fucker to play a ukulele and he ain't even from Hawaii........”