Danny Schmidt / Press

"He is, perhaps the best new songwriter I’ve heard in the last 15 years."

Rich Warren - Sing Out! Magazine

“I've not felt a performance with this much intensity since I saw Neil Young solo years ago, nor have I heard songwriting with this much subtlety of craftsmanship since Leonard Cohen. I was completely floored.”

Henri Simmons - The Filter

“In today's underground folk world, Danny Schmidt is spoken of in reverent tones.”

Jim Caligiuri - Austin Chronicle

“There are some albums that jump right out of the speakers at you and grab you by the throat. Intensely intelligent, this is sensitive songwriting at its finest.”

5 out of 5 Stars, Maverick Magazine UK

“Danny Schmidt's done it again. One of the country's best singer-songwriters has released yet another masterpiece.”

Les Reynolds - Indie-Music.com

“Danny Schmidt is a young man with blazing lyrical skills and a deserved cult following.”

Andrew Hawkey - Cambria Arts UK

“With seductive simplicity, his music demands your attention.”

Jeff McCord - Texas Monthly

“The best songwriter since the late Dave Carter. He's an unsung sensation. An overlooked gem. This cannot be said too loudly or provocatively: Danny Schmidt is a profound talent.”

Kevin McCarthy - Folk Music Reviews

“This album reads like a list of the best songs available from a top music publishing house. It is one for the ages. I know lyricists who would sell their soul for one verse that good. And it continues like that, front to back. Words cannot come close.”

Frank Gutch - Swampland