Danny Rongo / Press

“This album really shows how great your 'LIVE' performances are! Your vocals and bass sound great and I love what you did in the beginning of 'Sugar In My Bowl'! Really just awesome.”

Alexandra K. - Beemer Blogger

“Your album is really a beautiful concept, and I just love how the record sounds! I thought 'Man, Danny must have spent so much time and thought and love into this body of work. If that isn't inspiring, I don't know what is!' I'm listening to it now and can't stop smiling! Thank you for being such an inspiration!”

Joey G. - Algonquin Music

“What a fantastic job! Your voice is great and I love all the songs!...ITS JUST FANTASTIC!”

Carol D. - Longhill Music

“What beautiful songs you have crafted to send your message. You are to be admired for your courage, in the fact that it takes a brave soul to wear their emotions and "knows" on their sleeve. No secrets here hiding in the depths of one's being. We are so lucky that you have chosen to share with us your message and to use music and songwriting as the vehicle so we can listen time and time again. But then again, music has chosen you and the torch that burns inside gives you no choice but to be the communicator of peace and love.”

Ronnie M. - Mac's Music Blog

“What a wonderful morning I had listening to the beautiful, soulful melodies of Simply Onesong! Danny, the words, the music, your voice...WHAT A SPECIAL TREAT!”

Honey L. - LBI Crusade

“LOVE 'Smoke & Mirrors'! You rock bro. Super Talented!”

Kris X. - Gouche et al

“'one bass one voice Simply ONESONG' Thank you for this sublime message of love, hope and longing expressed with elegance by way of your pure and open heart. 'A Soldiers Christmas Song' captured that very moment for me and I was deeply moved. Your talent is a gift we can all treasure.”

Chuck P. - Musicians and Veterans

“'THE YOUNGER YOU'. Awesome song! really like the lyrics.”

Mike B. - Jersey Bred

"Rongo's great voice is accompanied by his acoustic bass guitar. His music is inspirational and touching. All by himself Rongo will blow you away"

Devin R. - Monmouth University Review

"Keep on and never slow down!"


"If you are looking to have fun, Danny Rongo is the perfect choice! Within seconds you will find yourself enjoying his music and swaying to the beat. With his acoustic bass and remarkable voice, Danny is one of the best performers I have seen"

William R. - Monmouth University Review

"Lets support people who can make a difference..we need it!"

"Good Feeling!"

"Lovin sound and clarity of your voice! Good Luck!"

"Could be BIG!"

"great voice!"

"Like the lyrics and rhythm. Curious to see what else you have!"

““ beautiful memories thank you ””

““ I actually was filling out an application and i switched back to see who it was playing! Very meaningful and very catchy tune!!! ””

““ Hey Danny. Been a fan of jango for awhile. Glad you have your music on here. Sounds great! ””

"very cool"

““ nice, soothing music....i like guitar sounds ””

“News Talk Online December 24, 2009: Senate Passage Of Health Reform Bill, International Debut Of Christmas Song For Soldiers:The show will conclude with a special musical Christmas musical tribute to the troops with the international debut of Danny Rongo's "A Soldier's Christmas Song."”

“Danny Rongo is a local musician that took it upon himself to put together a fundraiser for my veterans group, VETWORK to insure that we had enough money this year to continue to support our veterans. Danny, you are a true hero for doing this and on behalf of us that served we thank you.”

Joseph A. Arata - President VETWORK - VETWORK PRESS

“Thank you so much for the CD! I did enjoy it very much. In fact I am playing it right now!”

COL (Ret) Stephen G. Abel - NJ Dept of Military & Veterans Affairs

“Our Nation would not have the service of Soldiers without your support and patriotism”

General George W. Casey Jr. - U.S. Army Freedom Team

“Thank you for taking the time to write and for sending me a copy of 'SAY THANK YOU TO A VETERAN'. Veterans Day is fast approaching and I commend you for making a song celebrating the men and women who have served all of us in uniform”

The Honorable Eric Shinseki - U.S Secretary of Veterans Affairs

“Thank you so much for sending me a copy of 'WHERE TO NOW?' I wish you much continued success!”

The Honorable Al Gore - Office of the former Vice President

“Due to an increase in the number of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, the allocated funds for immediate response have been depleted, said Joe Arata, Vetwork President.”

Christina Vega - ASBURY PARK PRESS

“Rongo explained, "This is what I love about VETWORK. If a veteran needs help, they will get it THAT DAY! and do not have to go through the red tape of bureaucracy"”

“MANASQUAN — Instead of a village, maybe it actually starts with a small Jersey Shore borough. The cause: helping those who once put their lives on the line for others — U.S. military veterans from New Jersey. ”