Danny Ray Hubbard / Press

“The decades immediately following World War I were an extraordinary period in American letters. It was an era that produced a body of work by African Americans whose influence was felt throughout the world. Centered in Harlem, the major poets of this era transformed, not only style, but also traditional subject matter. Indeed, their range of tone and scope was immense: Claude McKay's fiery sonnets, Jean Toomer's Southern meditations, Count©e Cullen's elegant romanticism, and Langston Hughes's colorful Harlem portraits all demonstrate that treatment of racial issues can serve on more than an occasional basis as suitable subjects for poetry. Fresh and vivid, Harlem Renaissance Resurrected not only investigates the respective lives and personalities of the major Harlem Renaissance poets-and why they were moved to fashion their art to exalt their inimitable culture-it also masterfully exposes the complex social and political dynamics that fueled the Harlem Renaissance era.”

“Overview "Daniel Hubbard's masterpiece, Harvest for the World, is a tender, moving tribute to the power of truth and love. With an admiral straightforwardness and candor, he brings us into a part of America, which, sadly still remains all-too-distant from the rest of us. This is the kind of book you'd like to place on every desk in every classroom in America. It is a memoir of the highest order, showing us the necessity of finding ourselves and being true to others. Of all the books written in the last decade about struggle and triumph this is perhaps the best."”