Danny Green / Press

“Dang it Danny; you’ve just made a country music fan out of me…many thanks, you rock :-)”

Opossun, Rabbit and Shrew - R.N.

“Danny, what an excellent version of the Dukes Of Hazzard theme, awesome vocals, guitar work and sound, Waylon must be smiling! Rocko & JV”

Honest Mistake Band - R.N,

“Very mellow and calm style! A simply sublime voice!”

Caroline Ty - R.N

“Hey Danny Boy - You have one helluva voice my friend. Your songs put me into the Outback of NT Australia where we listen to real country which you are my friend. ”

Ken Brodie - R.N

“Your strong voice immediately draws the listener in and prepares us for a wonderful musical journey. Mandy and I love your work. Good vibes and friendship Nick and Mandy As Genre Fuse”

Nick and Mandy:Genre Fuse - R.N

“Danny Green has a golden voice, reminiscent of the very best the classic country music catalogue has to offer!”

Lost Colt - R.N

“Your mellow deep voice and music are a real pleasure for the ears!”

Joanna Melas - R.N

“Danny - you can REALLY sing country music! Thanks for sharing it with all of us.”

Les Kerr - R.N

“Excellent music Danny!! I now know where to come for some gooood country music!”

Eston lb - R.N

“Great Downhome Sound!! Love it!”

Steve Wingfield - R.N

“WOW!!!! Nice!!! Very Smooth..Awesome!”

Denise Akers - R.N

“You have an epic voice man it works great for country, glad I had a listen. ”

Rob Riddell - R.N

“It's nice to see old school country will "NEVER" die.much love and merry christmas brother...dingoboy”

Raised By Dingos - R.N

“Drawin' water from the well and a deep well it is. Dippin' from the baritone to those mighty, mighty bass notes!”

Jim Bush - R.N

“Great songs! Sounds just like it's on WBZI Classic Country, love it! Dec 31”

Dr.Brad - R.N.

“ I remember when radio simply played any and all good songs no matter what the genre. It was better then. Your music takes me back to better times! Dec 31”

Bembry Music - R.N.

“Hello Danny greetings from Mainhetten Germany :) We love your Country Songs and play it in the Studio on Music Player abd have fun with the good sound of Nashville ;) Ps: We have a special Gift for you ''Chaos Ridden - We love Dannys Music (Tribute to Danny M Green) Instrumental 2012'' (Recorded Yesterday in Frankfurt) http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_11540328 We hope you have fun with your Tribute Instrumental Lovelay Greetings Srah and Ayu from Chaos Ridden”