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His mum wanted him to grow up to be somebody...he grew up to be (almost) everybody!

One of the world's great Comedy Impressionists, Danny does a myriad of celebrity, political, movie, recording & animated voices.

Super-Impressionist Danny McMaster has taken the entertainment scene by storm with his astonishing repertoire of on-the-money characterizations of some of the world’s best-known celebrities. Audiences are mesmerized by Danny’s remarkable ability to replicate even the most subtle gesture and nuance in his exciting, non-stop performance, which has garnered nationwide and international critical review.McMaster is a one-man entertainment phenomenon. He is being hailed as one of the finest in the business today. Danny’s show is a marvelous journey filled with superb music, packed with laughter and seasoned with a hint of drama.

He is:
Alan Jones, AC/DC, Miss Piggy, Bob Dylan, Elvis, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, Dr. Phil, Tom Jones, Bugs Bunny, Billy Connolly, John Howard, Miss Piggy, Bruce Springsteen, Ian Chappell, Porky Pig, Neil Diamond, Peter Harvey, George W. Bush, Robert Deniro, Barack Obama, Julia Gillard, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richie Benaud, Bill Lawrey, Yosemite Sam, Max Walker, Christopher Walken, Bill Cosby, Adam Sandler, David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne, Clint Eastwood, Austin Powers, Frank Spencer, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Al Pacino, Daffy Duck, Tweety & Sylvester, Elmer Fudd, Kermit The Frog, The Bee Gees, Fozzie Bear, Foghorn Leghorn, Bill Clinton, Joe Pesci, John Wayne, John Travolta, Walter Brennan, Bruce Willis, Willie Nelson, Tony Greig, Morgan Freeman and……….many more.

Blessed with a magnificent singing voice, McMaster delivers anywhere between 50 and 70, dead-on impressions set to hilarious lyrics and routines, back-to-back without missing a beat. He keeps the audience in stitches with characterizations of stars such as Bill Cosby explaining cricket to the Americans; Dean Martin musing on drinking as an everyday health hazard; Dr. Phil pontificating that “there are rules men wish women knew”; politicians from around the world bunking down in the “Hotel California” and Sean Connery and Michael Caine wishing there were “A Few More Good Men”.

He has worked the great showrooms, five-star hotels, pubs and clubs of Australia, VietNam, New Zealand, New Guinea, Hong Kong, Japan, Tahiti, Fiji & the USA in New York, Chicago, Washington, Florida, Pennsylvania and Las Vegas, Nevada, in front of politicians, heads of industry, the public and his peers.
A polished performer and raconteur, Danny wants to do it for many years to come and he’s well on his way to ‘doing it all’.

One of the world's great Comedy Impressionists, Danny McMaster.

As well as being able to call him a true master of impressions, Danny writes and sings songs.

Check out his latest releases as they come to hand.

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