Danny G / Press

“Leap of Faith is the 2nd full-length from Austin, TX-based multi-instrumentalist Danny G. His first outing was 2010’s Ocean of Stars. Like its follow-up, OoS was recorded over the course of February’s 28 days as part of the RPM Challenge to create an album from scratch in a month’s time. No word on whether the extra day he got from 2012 being a leap year gave him a leg up on Leap of Faith, or whether the title is a reference to that, but the fact remains that for being put down on a digital eight-track in a month and having played guitar, bass and drums as well as recorded himself and done the full art layout on his own, it’s an impressive feat.”

“I had been using a number of talented bass players in the studio for the upcoming Figurados cd, and after watching Danny G's work with the Mother Truckers, knew that I wanted to work with him.And so that transpired, and he came prepared,and knocked the takes out of the ball park. What happened then in basic conversation was that I realized the guy is a major-league talent on guitar, bass, and drums, in addition to being a guitar tech,too. Danny G IS Austin,Texas. Read his in-depth answers to my 22 questions, and you'll see what I mean by that.”