Danny Brant Band / Press

“I just heard your song "Change At Jamaica " .. It brought tears to my eyes as well as my husbands .. His dad was a conductor on the Long Island railroad for twenty five years .. And sadly he recently passed away .. When my son was young my father in law would always say " Change At Jamaica Kid " when he asked to many questions , And we would all laugh . He left behind 4 daughters , his son , and his wife , not to mention numerous grandchildren ... And your song brings tears to all of their eyes when they hear it .. Thank you for such a beautiful and meaningful song for all of us .. Grace Vellia”

Grace Vellia - Personal e-mail sent to Danny regarding his song 'Change At Jamaica'

"Nice lyrics and melody. Nice vocal melody. Good arrangement. A cool Van Morrison vibe here." ~ In reference to 'Change At Jamaica'

Danny Brant - Billboard Magazine/14th Annual Billboard Song Contest, 2006/ Honorable Mention

“With Band du Jour, Boulderite Danny Brant Schultz was a regular fixture on the Fox stage. Now an upstanding citizen of the Bay Area, the guitarist, singer and songwriter has focused the majority of his musical energy on his latest project, the Danny Brant Band. They return to the Vail Valley today at The Bridge at 10 p.m. with Bill McKay of Leftover Salmon on keys.”