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Dan Mccarthy is an inspirational new solo acoustic, folk - rock artist from Hagerstown Maryland, U.S.A..

“At the most elemental level, Dan McCarthy’s songwriting is captivating and simple. His ability to capture and transmit a feeling of intimacy in his songs is mindboggling. His lyrics are weaved brilliantly around the songs’ music – a simple strum of an acoustic guitar – as the muscle and tissue are built around a single backbone in order to lift up and sustain the body of his songs. Insightful and melodic, subdued and sparse, but equally as thoughtful and moving, Dan McCarthy has all his own style and is not afraid to tell us who he is. He is slowly and creatively forging his own musical path.”

In 2014 Dan had a moment of enlightenment, a sudden realization of just how lucky he is. Happily married, 2 amazing bright kids, and steady employment, sparked his first original song "Help me to see".
He then began to compose, and record his first EP "Lost Enjoy Your Journey".

After his debut EP, the creativity continued with 2015's album "When The Light Fades". Two of the tracks from this album are featured on Factory Fast Records Acoustic Arsenal Releases, "Fly Away" and "The Woods" respectively.

2016 Dan released his next EP "My Wish For Peace" a plea for world peace, in the wake of the Paris Terror attacks. "My Wish for peace" will be featured on OAG Management, and Galactic worldwide's "City To City" compilation. “Through “My wish for peace”, “I’ll Climb”, “You Don’t Know What I’m Thinking”, “My Fathers House”, “Shortened Yellow Lights Cost Lives” and “The Shell Of A Man” the riddles of life have not yet been completely solved, but addressed and updated for modern man to better understand by Dan McCarthy. Take his personal and poignant journey while mystery and discovery still thrive in abundance as companions, ageless and enduring.”
- Buddy Nelson, Jamsphere (Jan 24, 2016)

2016 proved to be a productive live performance year for Dan, including joint performances with Tokyo Rosenthal, Americana artist from Chapel Hill North Carolina. Also good buddy Eric Avey from up and coming jam bluegrass band "Mountain Ride", and good friends Dempsey, and Rebecca Price from bluegrass duo "Morning Sky". Dan's journey to perform included churches, farmers markets, taverns, a vintage and antique store, and wineries. Dan had the honor of performing at "Gettysburg Rocks" a fundraiser benefiting childhood cancer patients, involving 3 nights of music, and over 13 venues in Gettysburg, P.A. U.S.A. Dan loves to play intimate venues with listening audiences, where he can utilize that "energy" and transmit it thru his guitar, vocals, bass drum, and foot tambourine.

Fall of 2016 Dan was discovered by Laura Patterson, president , and CEO of Star1 Group, and Shine On Records. This project involved a complete remix of "Ladybug Point" including an HD video of the beautiful Oregon coast where the song was inspired.

For 2017 Dan is releasing a live EP "Live at the cottage" featuring 3 live tracks from a notable performance at The Cottage Pub in Chambersburg Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in addition to 4 live, unreleased studio outake tracks.

“With its gorgeous overtly conscientious lyrics and folksy songs, Dan has proven that he is a singer-songwriter that means business. In an industry flooded with perversely “perfect” imagery, he gives us the word of and the observations of an imperfect man in an imperfect world. Whatever the subject, Dan McCarthy can tackle it head on without compromising who he is. Dan McCarthy’s music is as bare boned as is his soul to a world moving at speeds unfathomed as a society and civilization. In an era where family focus, in sync with the environment, has become disengaged, desensitized, disenchanted, and disillusioned and where natural born instincts and intuitions have been dulled by mere repetitions. It is in this environment that McCarthy, the modern day chronicler and troubadour turns out simple acoustic songs of remarkable wisdom and heritage on the spirit of man.”
- Buddy Nelson, Jamsphere (Jan 24, 2016)

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Dan McCarthy - Acoustic Guitar/vocals/drums
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Dan McCarthy
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Folk / folk - rock / indie - folk

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Hagerstown, MD
Dan McCarthy

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