Dan Lewis / Press

“Dan Lewis & Joe Freeman - Duke of Wellington, Southampton, UK 06/07/01 ...the music, the stuff of backporches and deep woods hollers, more potent than moonshine. They had me hooked half a bar in, Dan gently coaxing an easy going flat picked guitar and Joe uncorking the first jug of mountain banjo. The song list was originals with some outstanding little snippets of history being thrown in between songs. The final encore was a Dan Lewis song called "Crossroads" a killer song, part Southern gospel, a little dark looping river blues, beautiful harmonies tossed between them, "Crossroads" drew the whole room in, a lady in back dancing in bare feet,backbone shifting with the lure of the beat, uncanny and subtle as a moonlight night on the Mississippi. I'm beaming like a Cheshire cat to have made their acquaintance. Mike Plumbley”

Mike Plumbley - Edited for length