Dan Lawler! / Press

“Some of your favorite stand-up comedians on Twitter, are now on stage together! Join us in Las Vegas, Nevada for our inaugural event at the V Theater, inside Planet Hollywood's Miracle Mile Shops! Dan "Not Related To Jerry" Lawler, Angie "Duchovny" Davis, Rob "The Beard" Elliott, Adrienne "Craydrienne" Airheart, Aristotle "The Throttle" Georgeson, and your host for the afternoon, Jacob "Brigadoon" Givens, will be bringing the funny for an afternoon of awesomeness on the Las Vegas strip. The show starts at 1:00pm; please arrive at least 30 minutes prior so that you can be seated & maybe grab a drink or 5 before the show gets underway! The comics and co. will be heading out for an after-party with the casts of AllRadioX.com's hit podcasts Beyond The 140 and The Brawdcast up at the Riviera Hotel & Casino, poolside at 6:00pm. There is a $20 Open Bar event at the Riviera; tickets sold separately.”

“Costume changes, insanity, deer labia, and white people dancing. These are all things that you will see and hear this week when BT140 welcomes the irrepressible Dan Lawler to the studio. Dan and Del are sure to take Joey's notebook out of play as this episode is guaranteed to be over the top and out of control. You can bet that we will also be putting Joey's penis pump to good use when we read some awesome midget hot dog tweets. The hilarity is at 11 with Danballs Lawler - Beyond the 140”

“Every month R Bar L.A. hosts the "BLAMBLAMBLAM Komedy in K-Town" show featuring stand-up comics w/ a wide variety of backgrounds & styles. Each month there is yelling, impressions & alcohol flowing @ the Koreatown, Los Angeles speakeasy. The 10-14-2010 show will feature the same diversity & drink specials, but will also include a 1st for Blamblamblam; Dan Lawler will perform a live comedy song w/ rock band Velcron! The song is a Rage Against The Machine-influenced rock song re: deep-seated hatred for parking enforcement, hence the title: "Meter Maids". The song reportedly recounts some truths from Lawler's experience w/ the subject in his years living in L.A. The song was written & produced with intentions for electric guitar-heavy rock but, for the Blam Blam Blam show, the song will be performed acoustic for the 1st time in front of a live audience.”