Dan Korn / Press

“There are many different faces to the 'Dustbowl EP' with 40s jaunty jazz and slide guitar gracing the opening title track.Kinked sunsets and a warming awareness of Britain’s rock heritage are ever apparent in the tumbling chorus of ‘Song For Syd’, Korn’s own tribute to one of his ultimate heroes, Syd Barrett, while ‘Like A Dove’ begins with acoustic guitar and more of Korn’s fresh faced vocals before thundering riffage and crashing drums accompany the singer/songwriter’s declaration of love: “I told her I love and I’ll tell her I love her again. I may never recover I may never recover.” As ‘Lost Love Shanty’ wraps up this impressive offering with laid back vibes and precious harmonies it’s clear to see that Dan Korn has his eye on the ball and can crack the whip of several genres. 'Dustbowl EP' pays tribute to love, influence and literature and could well pave the way for future glory.”

“A wordsmith who can actually write music to compliment, wrap, strengthen and lengthen the reach of the words. A rare beast. The influences are all unimpeachable; sometimes it's Ray Davies in the delivery, sometimes the writhing muscles of a relaxed Steve Adams are flexing in the mix and sometimes it's just Dan Korn. What I love about these four songs are their differences and their cohesion, there's delicacy and brutality and flighty wordplay countered by the blunt howl of "I told her I love her and I'll tell her again". I think you should hear this stuff. IS IT ANY GOOD? Yes, you should hear this stuff”

“The opening and title track of this four-song EP starts out like a Delta Blues standard, but with the incorporation of what sounds like a pedal steel guitar it has a slight Country tinge through it. But then again, the muted trumpet and shuffling, brushed drums create the feel of a schmaltzy, old ragtime band from the Forties or whenever. Anyone familiar with the work of the magnificent Leon Redbone will appreciate this one, though Dan’s vocals are certainly a lot softer and melodic than Leon’s highly individual delivery. ‘Song For Syd’ is a ‘tribute’ to one of Dan’s musical heroes, Syd Barrett. It has a light, airy, Sixties psychedelic feel to it with a bouncy little beat and the muted trumpet again adds to the general atmosphere...”

“Judging by his artwork and lyrics, Dan Korn is a very earnest chap but throughout his debut EP ‘Dustbowl’, this does him no disservice; in fact, it is highly refreshing considering most in music have their puppeteers’ fists so far up them they can’t help but seem perpetually pleased. Young and stony-faced, he imposes himself with the wonderful title-track – a tribute to Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes Of Wrath’. ‘Song For Syd’ is a paean to Syd Barrett and the jangling guitar infused with some very strong lyrics ensure this track is a winner. It’s also on this track where he sounds uncannily like the County Cavan talent Lisa O’Neill, particularly when striving for vocal quirks. ‘Like A Dove’ could quite easily be an Imelda May song: the rolling, almost-rockabilly guitar suits his voice well and the track certainly has a catchy chorus...”

“You know, if the government decide to teach children how to improve their English diction using the power of music, Dan Korn could well be their man. Not since Nick Drake, Syd Barrett and, more recently, Stephen Duffy have I heard a singer actually sing clearly enough to the point where I actually don't need a lyric sheet. Well done, Dan - you get an A for being able to sing properly without sounding like a toff or a twat. I'll also award him 4 stars for this very promising EP....”

“While listening you experience that joy that comes from finding “that” artist. It’s like slipping into something comfortable and sitting on the front porch with a whiskey and a smoke on a perfect summer day. Toe tapping, smile inducing, smooth as silk, Dan Korn is definitely a keeper. With vocals that are reminiscent of The Beatles and music of jazz greats intertwined with a little Dylan-esq folk it’s a clever arrangement. Singing is one thing but, his lyrics are astounding as well. It’s not easy to write a meaningful song. Writing down some gibberish that rhymes and slapping a melody behind it doesn’t make a song and this is something that he has successfully avoided. Dan Korn is an oddity, and that’s a good thing. It’s rare that you’ll stumble on an artist who can play an instrument, sing, AND write really great lyrics.”