Dan Kennedy / Press

"Something to be savored. There is promise in every tune...Dan’s music says to take heart."

“Fans of the piano-based style of albums will no doubt be eager to hurriedly get a copy of this album, but if you have a real sense of totally quality music with multi-instrumentation that is produced with a loving care and performed with humble skill and attention, this is an album for you. BLOOM ROAD is something special and I firmly believe it is a landmark point that Dan Kennedy will look back on in years to come with a smile, for this is one most excellent album. [Nominated, 2015 Album of the Year]  ”

“I especially enjoy the jazzy side of Dan's musical spectrum, which makes an interesting yin/yang contrast to his more reflective solo piano work...I appreciate his 30 years of experience in the New Age music genre, as much as his willingness to push the boundaries and integrate other influences as well. BLOOM ROAD provides a lovely stroll through an exquisite garden of musical delights.”

“* * * * *”

“...from his Massachusetts farmhouse to points beyond and back, this is music for the mind and body...”

Midwest Record

“[Kennedy] displays some blues and jazz influences that come as a pleasant surprise and add depth and texture...”

Casey Hayman - Local Buzz

“My faves are EASY LIVING, COULD BE and AT THE BEGINNING…Really lovely. ”

Will Ackerman - Imaginary Road Studios, Windham County, VT

“All three of Dan's albums have gone Top 100 on the ZMR (Zone Music Reporter) Charts.”