Dan Grimm / Press

“[...] with a knack for unconventional imagery and a style that blends vintage SoCal rock with authentic honky-tonk, Dan Grimm ensures that every track on his freewheeling, endlessly likable Ventucky is a standout”

“His five track EP is great for any country lover out there who has an old soul. If you love music that you can just close your eyes to, while blasting it through your headphones, this EP is perfect for you.”

“Dan Grimm is a man on the move. His first full-length CD, Corvus Crow, is set to drop this summer and features an all-star lineup of guest contributors, including Shades of Day, Jonathan McEuen, Ian “Hutch” Hutchinson, Jesse Siebenberg and Todd Hannigan. With well-constructed songs in a style not unlike Tom Petty, Grimm has caught the attention of musicians beyond the borders of California.”