Dani Mari / Press

““Her music is sultry, soulful and deeply personal – about relationships and perceptions of women in society.””

““Dani Mari’s angelic vocal sweeps over its accompaniment, sometimes mildly distorted in its layers it adds a wash of mystery.””

““Dani Mari can hold her own with the best indie/folk singers.””

““A lot of their music is timeless and they are inspirations to generations of musicians,” said show organizer and musician Dani Mari. “It is rewarding to see what all the different musicians’ perspectives are on the artists.” More than 20 musicians will perform at the show. Each will play a cover of either a Patsy Cline or Willie Nelson song and then they will play one original.”

“Early critical praise for the album has been supported from SPIN Magazine and Entertainment Weekly among others.”

“It's always nice when family gets together. Collective member Paul Maxwell remixed our brother Fear Club's collaborative tune with Dani Mari for our latest Filthy Fortune release. This one is loaded with the ultimate summer vibes. It has us feigning this upcoming Coachella with it's violet/pink/maroon sky emotions.”

““Garden Of Ghosts is a sweet, electronic song with light female vocals and sparkling percussion and digital effects in the vein of Beth Orton.””

““The Rain, is a dreamy track marked by Dani Mari’s astounding voice and stirring orchestral instrumentation.””

“Someplace Called Brooklyn is a music curation and event planning company since 1999. One of the artists that they work with is singer/songwriter Dani Mari. With her voice and her acoustic guitar, she tells stories of her life, past and present. Creating an emotional connection with her audience as she writes about topics such as love. Mari’s new single, “Only,” is about the moment we fall in love. Below is the official video for the song. More links on Mari can be found after the jump.”

“Dear A Music Blog, Yea? and the wonderful folks in Canada, This is Dani Mari and I am a pop-folk singer/songwriter from Philadelphia. I’m very excited to introduce my music to you and hope to visit Canada soon! My influences include Billie Holiday, Patsy Cline and Radiohead. The live performance includes myself on vocals and guitar, Reverend TJ McGlinchey on vocals and guitar, Christopher Davis-Shannon on standup bass and Chris Miller on drums. I recently released a single called “Mirrors” which features vocals from Griz. You can check out a single “Only” that I released before this with “Someplace Called Brooklyn.” I’m also part of a dreampop band called “Lockets” and will be working on a project this fall with Reverend TJ McGlinchey called “Lovers League.” I’ll be performing at a bunch of festivals this summer and hope to come to Canada soon! Love, Dani Mari :) ”

“This past spring, the Philadelphia Folksong Society held a talent show of sorts, inviting local musicians to compete for an opening slot at this month’s Philadelphia Folk Festival. Singer-songwriter Dani Mari came out on top, her shining acoustic folk / pop songs earning her a set on Friday, August 16th’s Lobby Stage. Following March’s “Only” single (and several single releases from her dream-pop duo project Lockets) Dani Mari has shared a new collaborative single called “Mirrors.” Appearing on the track alongside Mari are local artists Griz, Reverend TJ McGlinchey, Christopher Davis-Shannon and Chris Miller. Stream and download the track below. Tickets and information for the 52nd Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival can be found here. Dani Mari will also be performing at the Brandywine Folk Fest and Musikfest.”

“Dani Mari’s narrative, story-like songs are ear-catching and unusual to hear in this day and age. “I was very influenced by Billie Holiday at a young age and later got into Patsy Cline and a few other classic artists. I guess you can say I’m a pretty nostalgic person,” Mari explains. She originally grew up at the Jersey shore but has spent lots of time in Philadelphia and begun her musical career here. Not only did she start her musical journey here, but lately she has been making forward leaps and bounds in the local music scene. “I was selected by the Philadelphia Folksong Society to compete with other musicians at Milkboy Philly,” Mari excitedly tells how the competition was done. “The judges based their decision off of the performance, the crowd reaction, turnout and the songs.” Thanks to that judged performance, she was chosen to perform at this year’s Philadelphia Folk Festival. ”

“If you’ve been searching for a soulful, spirited, folk-rock sound with pop essence, then look no further. Dani Mari, a Philadelphia based singer/songwriter who has been captivating her audiences with her Billie Holiday/Patsy Cline like voice for years will be at FDR Park on August 10, 2012 for a free outdoor music festival.”

“Dani Mari’s “Only” is a dedication to the moment we all fall in love. Expressing the dynamics of optimism and hope encountered at the very instant the human heart and brain work in concert to push forward a definitive message to the self, the song is a testament of the strongest impulse which ties us together through the bond of emotion.”

“Local singer-songwriters Dani Mari and Reverend TJ McGlinchey have teamed up to host a monthly concert series in a popular South Philly park this summer. The FDR Park Summer Series kicked off on June 8th with performances by Griz and Kevin Killen, as well as sets from the hosts. The next concert in the series is this Friday featuring Toy Soldiers and Thom McCarthy. I sat down with Dani Mari and Reverend TJ McGlinchey to chat about the FDR Park Summer Series, what they’ve been up to, their new band, Lovers League, and the pair recorded a couple of acoustic songs for us.”

“Let’s all slow down a bit and end the day with something different to chill the stress away. Artist Dani Mari is preparing the release of her debut album on the label Someplace Called Brooklyn and has released visuals for her latest single ‘Only’. There’s not much that can fight the joy of an acoustic guitar and with the pleasant voice of Dani Mari dancing around, it just makes it all right you know? Stay up and current with the album release on March 19, 2013 and be sure to visit the Someplace Called Brooklyn Facebook page for more information.”

“Today’s song is “Vampire” by Dani Mari. This song is the Philadelphia based artist’s debut single. The song features haunting vocal styles and unique blend of genres. Dani Mari has been compared to Feist, Patsy Cline and Mazzy Star. She has performed at SXSW (Austin, TX), the World Cafe Live & Tin Angel(Philadelphia), the Bitter End, Piano’s & Caffe Vivaldi (NYC) and opened for Jeffrey Gaines, Birdie Busch, & John Francis. She was recently awarded “Artist of the Month” by Deli Magazine and “Acoustic Artist of the Year” by Origivation Magazine. For more information on Dani Mari check out MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Get her debut album Impulsive now on iTunes!”

“Awarded "Artist of the Month" for The Deli”

“Claymont, Del. — Put a reformed grunge rocker, a jam band veteran and a diminutive yet powerful chanteuse into the same Northern Liberties flat and you've got a situation. The Dani Mari Situation to be specific. Cast from the most disparate of musical backgrounds, this odd cast of characters found themselves thrust together in January after a series of chance encounters in the Philadelphia music scene. Mari, a New Jersey native and West Chester University graduate, began performing as solo acoustic gigs at open mic and singer-songwriter nights back in 2006. Eventually, she found her way to the West Philly club the Underground where Chris Huebner handled most of the booking and the two became fast friends.”