Dani Lynn Howe Band / Press

“Dani Lynn Howe Band named #1 band in the Quad Cities in the 2015 Reader's Choice contest hosted by the Quad City Times.”

“Dani Lynn Howe won three of our "Best of the Quad Cities" categories - "Best Local Media Personality," "Best Local Country Artist," and "Best Local Rock Artist" - and also topped the nomination lists for the "Singer" and "Musician" categories in the "Best Kept Secrets" section.”

“Dani Lynn Howe appeased the crowd with covers...such as Girls Lie Too & Walkin' After Midnight. Howe, who also opened for Clint Black at Taste of the Quad-Cities earlier this summer, is growingly just as accustomed to playing for thousands of people as she is in a crowded honky-tonk”

“The group has been named favorite C&W group for the past 5 years by the “River City Reader” and Dani Lynn’s alto was very pleasant, with excellent back-up from her band. ”