Daniel Whittington / Press

“Private Wars is a quiet album, a rumination on relationships, whether broken, mending, fulfilling, or failing, set to pedal-steel and acoustic guitar. While the album goes down well anywhere (like the focus of “Talulah”), if you’re ever driving through Texas for more than an hour, this is the album you should play. The rolling hills of central Texas, the red dirt and far-reaching vistas of west Texas, the endless roads throughout the state—this is what you’ll be visualizing anyway if you’re listening to Private Wars. The lineup of artists who sing and play on the album is impressive: Jaimee Harris, Brian Douglas Phillips, Emily Gimble, Dick Gimble, and John Beland, to name but a few. These are notable names and rising stars in Texas roots rock. Do yourself a favor and pick up this album, whether at his BandCamp page, on Amazon, or on iTunes.”

“Things Change is a terrific collection of singer-songwriter tunes, immediately accessible, hooky, and worthy of repeat listening. Not only are Whittington’s songs infectious, but he’s got a rich, compelling voice you just want to keep hearing, like a comfortable pair of shoes or a T-shirt worn to perfection.”

Glen Starkey - New Times SLO