Danielle Peck / Press

“Danielle Peck is heading to the small screen. The singer will perform this Friday on an episode of ABC’s hit TV show, ‘Shark Tank.’”

“On FRIDAY (2/28) DANIELLE PECK appeared on ABC-TV’s "SHARK TANK" where she participated in a business update for KISSTIXX”

“(Danielle) has managed to present herself to fans as both the girl-next-door who has the same problems they do, and as the brunette bombshell they look up to.”

“Born in Jacksonville, N.C., the daughter of a U.S. Marine, Peck grew up in Coshocton, Ohio, where the family had strong musical roots.”

“Note to Danielle Peck's future tour mates: Don't prank her, 'cause she'll give it back to you about 50 times worse!”

“Danielle Peck was inspired to pursue her dream of singing country music by the strength of family and friends who had conquered their own struggles. And with her new song and video, “Impossible Dreams,” she’s hoping to not only inspire others to dream, but to share their stories of overcoming obstacles—large and small.”

"Red Carpet Sunshine: Danielle Peck Vibrant in Yellow Fishtail Gown at Country Music Awards"