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My name is Daniele Xhanino, male, I'm an atypical musician, I was trained as a chemical analyst, I hold a Commercial pilot license, but I’m actually working on logistics field. I also attended the conservatory but I leaved almost immediately. As a musician I've gone from many genres (classical, rock, pop, indie) I played as a keyboardist in some groups (Memories Machine) and everything and all left something nice on me, but my reference now is Ambient and Electronic using the Minimalism as architectural structure cling my creations. I consider myself free from fads or movements of thought, or maybe that's what I like to believe, so I try to conceive music the images and the feeling I can see outside the window of my life, without filters. Obviously it is not easy to listen something that is only instrumental but perhaps makes it more universal, without an unique geographical location. And I like that.

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Daniele Xhanino - Composer
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Daniele Xhanino
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Ligornetto, TI, CH