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"His latest single “Everything Will Change” from the upcoming EP has subtle homegrown tastes in the form of beatnik percussion and Americana blues-based rhythms, but a resilient Irish folk breath of air comes with each strum."

"Perfectly summing up the EP, Amedee croons on the title track, “when you see love instead of hate, when you see freedom instead of fear, and when you see truth… everything will change.” With haunting bluesy vocals and meditative beats, this urban folk track is the album’s anthem and makes you excited to hear what else Amedee has to offer."

"I can’t tell what it is, but there is an ambient effect that reminds me of a chorus of birds during the first song. And there are other subtle touches hidden within the other songs – the reverberating glockenspiel in the chorus of “Let Love Out”, the trashy cymbal punctuating the verses in “Love Is Not Gone”, the lovely percussive beat in “Swimming Through The Unconscious Disconscience”- small elements that enhance the overall feel. I love the deep bass that gives a warm tone to the songs. The opening title track features a drone that sounds like didgeridoo. It is clear that Amedee has put plenty of thought into how he uses rich timbres to colour his sound. And that is what I think makes Everything will Change so endearing – the warmth and the obvious human elements. Amedee’s voice isn’t perfect, often wavering at times, but his singing style is both haunting and earnest. With a message of hope, and a reassuring feel, Amedee’s music is an affirming listen."

“[Everything Will Change] is bluesy, dreamy and bit wistful folk song from the New Orleans singer/songwriter. There’s beautiful sentiment in the song’s lyrics– “when you see love instead of hate and when you see freedom instead of fear.” It’s the title track off his upcoming Everything Will Change EP due out in February 2016."”

"Everything Will Change is the title track off the New Orleans singer-songwriter's Everything Will Change EP, due out February 2nd, 2016. The single mixes meditative beats and haunting, blues vocals to create an urban folk anthem. Tackling themes of love and human consciousness, Amedee croons, “when you see love instead of hate, when you see freedom instead of fear, and when you see truth…everything will change.” I think it's probably the music that made me play this song for a second time. Its just got that little something extra to it, that made me really take note. Daniels vocals just add some more, they feel natural and at the same time a little less mainstream. Put together you get a fine song, one of five good ones, on the EP."

"Tackling themes of love and human consciousness, New Orleans singer-songwriter Daniel Amedee’s track Everything Will Change mixes meditative beats and haunting, blues vocals to create an exquisite urban folk anthem."

“Based in New Orleans, folk singer Daniel Amedee usually spends his days on tour playing little towns and big cities across the United States and Canada. For Team Poule, folk music often feels very pretentious and dominated by false, pseudo-depressive crooning. But Daniel Amedee's music has a certain "real" feel to it. The way his voice and music blend into each other is genuinely beautiful and it gives you a very reflective yet positive and warm feeling. Like you can hear the Mississippi, this great uniting river of the States, right through.”

Hendrik Schlimper - Poule d'Or

“So, I just had a bit of an intellectual attack and read Kerouac’s On The Road. Like, the whole book. Feeling vewy vewy sophisticated now. And just when I had finished the book, Daniel Amedee sent over an update with his new album. So then, in this Kerouac beat mindset, I hit play on it and the first listen couldn’t have been better. Although the book does more swing to the jazzy end of the music spectrum, I feel like Daniel’s husky voice and folk’ish tunes do fit the overall atmosphere of Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty quite well. Being from New Orleans certainly adds to that vibe.”