Daniela Corso / Press

“A Sunshine Singer- Songwriter has enlisted the help of some big music industry names to help raise money for youth at risk. Daniela Corso will join ARIA award- winner Monique Brumby and Rob Farnham for a night of Live Music at the Williamstown RSL on Friday, August 10. They aim to raise money for Les Twentymen's 20th Man Fund, which helps struggling families and youths at risk. "It's an honour to be sharing the stage alongside two great Australian talents and raising money for a cause that helps so many disadvantaged youths and families in the western suburbs," Corso said. Corso will be accompanied by guitarist George Chris. Entry is $15”

“AN Albion songbird hopes her upcoming acoustic tour will take her solo career to the next level. Daniela has been singing for most of her life and admits she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t belting out a tune.Now, after years of singing covers, she will finally be in her element, performing her own songs to live audiences.“It’s exciting. I’ve been waiting to do it for a long time,” Ms Corso said. “Music is like this magnet that keeps drawing me in.The performer said she has already received a positive response from audiences after releasing her first EP last year Ms Corso said she enjoys a mixture of music and has been compared to singer Anastasia.She said her songs often represent her own life experiences and she will hear a melody in her head and write lyrics to match.“Writing music is so rewarding for me. I get to write what I’m thinking and feeling and then bring it to life on stage,” she said.“You get to bare your soul to the crowd. It’s definitely w”

"Daniela has a voice that drips with emotion and feeling. Comparisons with Melissa Etheridge and Nikki Lamborn are not unjustified. The songs could be described as “pop rock”, however they do tend to sit a little more on the “rock” side, with big riffs and melodic choruses. This lady will have the world at her feet, count on it." "Paddy" onlyausmusic.com