Dani Burnett / Press

“You rock Dani, loving your sexual voice!”

Kelly-Marie Keet - Fan Comment

“Dani Burnett continues to deliver a powerful and poetic message through his music. We were moved by his lyrics and inspired by his strength. Carry on the great work - MusicFusion”

Jinx, MusicFusion - MusicFusion

"Your music is truly inspiring and very raw... Its something most people can relate too. I could listen to your voice all day its so calming and pleasant to listen to... Your songs grip hold of your heart strings and makes you feel blessed and be thankful for what you have.... Your an amazing talent and I hope to hear a lot more from you x"

Chanel Morriss, Fan - Chanel Morriss

"The music that Dani Burnett has moved onto seems to be slightly deeper and more thought provoking, almost adding in his own persona to the music to get you hooked onto it."